About the company "Bright Zebra"

Bright Zebra is a brand of a Brisbane (Australia) based Pty Ltd company, founded in 2014 by Nina Du Thaler and Bob Beusekom, aiming "to inform in a fun way", about cyber-safety for children and other related subjects.

The brand is fun with learning on the side (without the pretention of being academic or pedagogical), include highly self-identifiable characters and are created by entrepreneurial parents with senior corporate roles. Nina and Bob are currently working as Chief Information Officer and Program Director respectively. Additionally, they have (had) several businesses and roles as independent strategic advisors (e.g. board director and executive coach).

Bright Zebra's initial product is a series of 7 books “Diary of Elle”, supported by games, social media and related products. Diary of Elle informs and inspires children’s awareness through fun stories in diary-format about cyber-safety, starring Elle (the diary-owner) and her friends.

The company's primary focus is children ranging from 8 to 12, their parents and other trusted persons. Children will relate to Elle and her friends quickly and notice that they are able to solve most of the cyber-safety challenges, sometimes supported by a trusted person such as a parent.

The company collaborates with independent professionals, located around the world, such as editors and game developers in Australia, illustrators in Asia, social media experts in Europe and companies in the US.