About the author "Nina Du Thaler"

Nina Du Thaler began working in the Information Technology (IT) industry long before authoring her first book.

She started with hands-on jobs, making sure that the computers of her colleagues were working properly and managing the implementation of new systems. Twenty-odd years, many online hours and several promotions later, she now works as the Chief Information Officer (CIO), responsible for the IT environment within a large company in Australia.

In her professional roles, Nina realised that the “experts” in the industry rather than the technology itself can make IT difficult, using buzz words like “cloud”, “virtual” and “firewall”. This challenged her to make IT more accessible - both for her fellow company executives and more recently for her daughter of 10 (double digits!) and her friends.

She made an interesting observation that she can sometimes get away with providing incomplete or ambiguous answers as a professional, but it does not work in a kids’ world. Children appear to be more straightforward: they understand or they don’t, they question and analyse without boundaries. If they don’t understand, it is generally due to a lack of clear explanation or describing concepts in adult ways, rather than the intellect of the child.

Additionally, as a mother, she has experienced first hand the positive and negative impacts that technology can have on children’s daily lives. It is pervasive and they use it easily and without hesitation, but they are unaware of potential consequences and we have not equipped our children to have the skills to deal with these challenges.

This realisation made Nina decide to combine her knowledge and experience in IT and parenthood, into a unique combination of fun products (featuring Elle and her friends), so that children can learn from other children’s experiences.

Nina and Elle wish you fun reading, with some learning on the side!

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