Hi, my name is Elle.

I’m just an ordinary kid. I’m not sure what I’m going to be when I grow up but I’m sure I’m destined for greatness.

I always wonder about growing up. I wish I could grow up faster. Whenever I ask a grown-up if I can do something new, they give me a strange look and say “don’t wish your childhood away” or “maybe when you are a little older.” I wonder when that day will come because I am older each day than I was the day before!

What’s interesting about me? Hmmm, let me think …

When I was little I found my name very confusing. First, I learned about the letters of the alphabet and for a long time I thought my name was spelled “L”. Then, I learned it was actually “E” “L” “L” “E”. Very weird! It has sort of stuck now and I sign cards and letters “L”.
I’ve made a shocking discovery that I don’t know much about cyber-safety. In fact, I don’t even know what cyber-safety means. How embarrassing!

I’m sharing my diary and what I’ve learned with you to save you this embarrassment.
Cyber-safety is all about how to safely use the Internet, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other cool gadgets.

I also have a totally cool group of friends who are going to help us with this. Together, we will explore the cyber-world so you don’t have to make any of our mistakes.

Let me introduce you to my friends …

image-204899-DoE Website - Lizzy I Think I Am with Red.png?1421046268687
I am ... always happy
and singing and try
to see the bright
side of things.

I think ... Elle is
my BFF (Best
Friend Forever).
image-207390-Friend Tom with Red.png?1421209689923
I am ... very popular, have the latest fashion and can do any sport really well.

I think ... I have all the cool gadgets there are.
image-204899-DoE Website - Lizzy I Think I Am with Red.png?1421045248562
I am ... a tiny girl
with a huge brain
and can solve any
math problem.

I think ... I love
numbers more
than anything
in the world.
image-204908-DoE Website - Maya I Think I Am with Red.png?1421046398141
I am ... interested in
cultures, can count
to 100 in 8
languages and
imitate many

I think ... I want
to be a librarian.
image-207395-Dennis full body Small.jpg?1421210112269
I am ... a bit nerdy but really cool inside and can remember everything ever said to me.

I think ... I can beat Tom running one day.
Elizabeth (Lizzy)